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Climate Change and Public Opinion
Climate Change and Violence
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2008 - 2010
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The Crisis Forum is currently developing three main projects:

Climate Change and Public Opinion

The principal aim of the project is to examine climate change coverage in the media: how well is the subject covered, what is the range of debate and how does it impact on public understanding of salient issues. A secondary aim - feeding into the overarching research theme - is to assess how one might improve public understanding of climate change and associated threats to society, and thereby encourage wider public participation in drawing up societal responses to climate change. more »

Climate Change and Violence

The effects of accelerated climate change present an unpredictable additional variable to the potential for massive violence already inherent in today’s world. The Crisis Forum considers it imperative both to empirically investigate and interrogate the interrelationships between climatic change and the potentiality for violence and offer pointers for the holistic avoidance of inter-group and inter-state conflict and structural violence.more »


This is a newly created group of historians, archaeologists anthropologists and others in Humanities and related disciplines who seek to connect our diverse research to current realities of climate change, are having our first informal meeting to discuss ideas and create an agenda for research, development and action.

Contact Mark Levene for details. 

Other projects under consideration include:

Project 100

To analyse the effects of globalisation through the 100 key purchases made in British supermarkets. Contact Mark Levene for details.

Crisis and the Mass Media

A project to examine the specific active role of the mass media in the creation, sustenance and exacerbation of major crises.

other activities and news

In 2002-2003 the Crisis Forum organised a series of public lectures under the title: Is Humanity in Crisis?

The first Crisis Forum workshop on Climate Change:
"Climate change and humanity: Elite perceptions, Sustainable solutions" was held on Friday 12th November 2004, at the University of Southampton. Our volume Surviving Climate Change has been a direct consequence of this workshop.

The first Rescue!History workshop, was held at Warwick University on Friday 24 November 2006. more info »

Crisis Forum co-founder, Mark Levene, is also currently involved in the ‘Contraction and Convergence support group’ which is co-organising a major conference ‘Climate Frameworks: Implications, Opportunities and Threats’ at the Royal Society, in mid-November 2007.

He is also currently developing a broad interdisciplinary undergraduate course at Southampton University : ‘ In the Face of Humanity: Equipping the 21st Century Humanities Student for the 21st Century’ which is intended to be novel, radical, and drawing on a wide range of academic and non-academic expertise.

At the present time, Richard Maguire, with the assistance of Mark Levene, is also developing a series of workshops on ‘Climate Change and Violence’, for 2008-9. This are intended to be in a range of academic and non-academic venues throughout the country.

We welcome interest in any of these ideas as well as suggestions for other collaborative projects and their funding.

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