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February 2011

Climate Change and Violence workshop series 2008 - 2012
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Climate Change and Humanity, November 2004
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Workshop :
Friday, 12th November 2004
University of Southampton »
Dr. Mark Levene and Dr. David Cromwell
» Agenda
» Summary
» Outcomes and feedback

Climate change and humanity: Elite perceptions, Sustainable solutions

Crisis Forum workshop

The first Crisis Forum workshop on Climate Change: "Climate change and humanity: Elite perceptions, Sustainable solutions" was held on Friday 12th November 2004, at the University of Southampton.

Agenda for the day, followed by aims for outcomes of the day.

Summary notes from the workshop.

Outcomes and feedback from the workshop.

Initial outcomes included two letters, one to The Times Higher Education Supplement, another to Nature Correspondence Section, signed by many of the workshop participants and others:

 Surviving Climate Change: The Struggle to Avert Global Catastrophe which is an outcome of the workshop, and edited by David Cromwell and Mark Levene, published by Pluto Press in 2007.

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