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Climate change and sustainability – it’s personal!

This blog is for people associated with Crisis Forum who would like to start exploring together the human/social/psychological/spiritual issues around climate change specifically, and sustainability more widely. The blog can only be found by linking here from the Crisis Forum website – a Google search won’t show it up – so that keeps the community using it reasonably circumscribed.

The idea is to post thoughtful pieces – maybe 1000-1500 words – that will form a ‘slow discussion’ (by analogy with ‘slow food’) that may, at some future point, lead us into further work in this field. We’re all busy people and don’t want to be bombarded with stuff, so the suggestion is to post one piece a month. Posts could be written explicitly for this site, or you could send in something that you wrote for another purpose but which is of interest to this constituency of readers.

Brief comments on an article may be posted on Blogger, and they’re set up to be moderated, so that we can keep the discussion constructive and cooperative, rather than argumentative. You can sign up to follow the blog if you want to be kept in touch.

How to send an article
If you would like to send an article for posting, just use the Comments box on the blog to send me your email address, and the topic of your piece. I won’t publish that comment (to keep email addresses off the blog, so we don’t all get spammed) and will email you back so you have my address to send your piece to. I’ll then post it on the blog as a main article.

I hope this keeps it all as simple and streamlined as possible

Pam Lunn

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Last updated: 11 June 2013

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