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Transition Universities conference, Winchester,
February 2011

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Climate Change and Humanity, November 2004
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Diggers awake!
A moment in English history and its relevance to land, food,
the biosphere and human potential now

A Discussion and the film 'Winstanley'

Saturday 20 October 2012
Kineton Sports and Social Club, Kineton, Warwicks
3.30 - 7.00

With food policy expert Professor Tim Lang, English revolution historian George Yerby, Latin America land rights watcher Tony Campbell - and the film Winstanley.

In 1649, in defiance of local landowners, a group of activists and unemployed people led by Gerrard Winstanley, occupied the common land on St George's Hill, Surrey and began growing food there. So began the Diggers movement.

Today we face big challenges of how we use and look after our land. Whether it's global food security, or local community activism, land use and land rights are as relevant as ever. Who owns our land? What should we do with land? Nature or nurture?

To celebrate the Diggers and discuss their contemporary resonance, Getting Kineton Growing, in association with Rescue!History, is organising this afternoon event. It also dovetails with the Sealed Knot's 370th anniversary commemoration of the battle of Edgehill.

Admission for the event will be by prior registration and will include the cost of a wholesome, vegetarian, locally derived buffet supper.

Registration by 30 September
£10.00 wage-earners
£6.00 unwaged and students

For registration and more information Contact Marianne at marianne (at) crisis-forum.org.uk

There are a limited number of places at this event, so register early!


Organised by Getting Kineton Growing in association with Rescue!History


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